What is Diesel Fuel Bug and How to Prevent It

What is Diesel Fuel Bug and How to Prevent It

You may or may not have heard of diesel fuel bug – but this pesky bacteria can cause serious problems for your engine and cost you serious money to fix, so it’s good to get educated about what exactly diesel bug is and what you can do to prevent it. We’ll also look at how to solve the problem if you do discover diesel fuel bug contamination.

So What is Diesel Bug?

diesel fuel bug contaminationDiesel bug is bacteria that lives in fuel. Usually it is harmless and causes no issues – it’s only when water gets thrown into the mix that the problems begin. Fuel, and diesel in particular, provides a perfect home for bacteria; energy, peace and a steady temperature. The only thing missing is oxygen for respiration. When fuel becomes contaminated with water, the bacteria has everything it needs to grow and thrive – rapidly. There are several forms of bacteria that are classed as diesel bug, and most do require oxygen to grow. Considering that some forms can grow from one micron in size to a mass that is well visible to the human eye in 24 hours, it’s easy to see why diesel fuel bug contamination can pose a real problem for your car.

How Diesel Fuel Bug Contamination Affects Your Engine

Because the diesel bacteria is happily feeding on your fuel for energy, the actual effectiveness of the fuel is compromised. So your engine uses more fuel to make up for it – meaning you’ll have to top up more often. Not only that; the by-products that some diesel bug produces can corrode and block engine components, resulting in a poorly running engine which, as a result, needs more fuel to run properly.

If left untreated, diesel fuel bug will continue to grow and damage your engine which could lead to engine failure – dangerous to say the least. At best you’ll end up filling up more often – at worst diesel bug contamination could result in an accident.

How to Prevent Diesel Bug

Aquasolve prevents water in diesel fuelAs you know, water is the catalyst for diesel bug growth. So to prevent diesel bug and the problems it brings, make sure water doesn’t get into your fuel tank. This can be more difficult than it sounds as condensation can form in the tank and fuel may be contaminated with water when you fill up. It’s best practice to always fill up from trustworthy garages, and make sure your fuel cap is tightened to prevent water getting into the fuel system.

Using Coval Aquasolve is one of the best measures for preventing diesel fuel bug. It completely removes any water present in fuel, leaving the bacteria without their key function to grow. It prevents water in fuel at a molecular level, allowing the two liquids to bond together to form a stable solution that is actually beneficial for your engine, cleaning components as it is drawn through.

There is no other fuel additive that con compare to Aquasolve, and for just £15 it’s well worth seeing what regular applications of Aquasolve can do for your engine!

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