The Facts About Diesel Fuel Water Contamination

The Facts About Diesel Fuel Water Contamination

Diesel fuel water contamination is a very common problem that occurs when the diesel fuel becomes contaminated with water. The water inside the diesel fuel can be quite problematic because it affects the engine and can cause the fuel injector tips to explode. This means that you will have to spend quite a bit of money to repair the damages.

What is Diesel Fuel Water Contamination?

There are a few ways to prevent diesel fuel water contamination and decrease the chances of it happening again by using diesel fuel treatments.

The weather can be a reason for diesel fuel water contamination. Condensation can form in the fuel tank which then flows into the fuel as water. Over time as this keeps happening it can lead to an accumulation of free water, causing fuel water contamination. The filters can also get blocked by ice crystals, which results in a poor settlement in the performance of the engine. Another aspect that becomes restricted is the fuel flow within the tank’s pumping lines.

Water in Fuel Causes Diesel Fuel Bug

During the warmer weather, there are other ‘side effects’ to diesel fuel water contamination. Bacteria is present everywhere and there is nothing much we can do about that. However, fuel provides the perfect home for bacteria in warmer temperatures; it provides plenty diesel fuel water contamination causes diesel fuel bugof energy and is the perfect temperature in which to thrive. The only thing that’s missing is oxygen – which is where water comes into the equation. The diesel fuel bug use the oxygen in the water for respiration and the energy in the fuel to grow – so not only does diesel fuel bug pose the risk of clogging up your filters and injectors, it actually makes your fuel less efficient too. So it’s something you want to avoid at all costs!

To prevent these problems from occurring in the first place, it is vital that you keep on top of maintaining your engine thoroughly. This can be done by regularly checking the storage tanks by using a stick that is treated with a water-finding paste.

Another precaution to be taken is making sure that all water is drained from the storage tank frequently. This just helps get rid of any water related problems, step by step, rather than waiting for all the problems to happen all together.

But the best way to overcome this problem is simply to keep a good maintenance of your car in general and the engine.

Solve the Problem with Diesel Fuel Treatment!

Coval Aquasolve is a diesel fuel treatment that no other on the market can compare to. Aquasolve completely removes the water present in fuel, avoiding all the above problems and the associated costs. It works at a molecular level to bond the fuel and water together so there is no free water left to damage the engine; it also increases the efficiency of the fuel.

You can purchase Coval Aquasolve diesel fuel treatment from our website. A 500ml bottle will cost you just £15.00 and a 1l bottle will cost £25.00. There’s a special offer when you buy 2 of the same Aquasolve items, we will pay the shipping! This is quite the bargain as diesel fuel treatment can be quite dear in cost. However, here at Coval Aquasolve you are saving a great deal of money.


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