Motor Industry

Managing a fleet of vehicles presents its own challenges and can be very expensive with ever changing fuel costs and operating restrictions imposed by Government Legislation that demands cleaner running and regularly maintained vehicles. Adding Aquasolve™ to Hydrocarbon or Bio fuels will improve engine performance in commercial vehicles, reduce emissions and improve fuel consumption.

Improve Performance

Aquasolve™ will eradicate the water content which is ever present in fuel by breaking it down at molecular level and bonding it back to the fuel forcing it to burn cleaner at a lower temperature; flushing filters clean and keeping injectors in pristine condition.

As Aquasolve™ bonds water into fuel, and any water present in diesel storage tanks or site bunkers does not have to be drained and disposed of as contaminated water, much to the delight of the Countries Water Authorities and Ecologists. By adding Aquasolve™ before filling tanks the water is forced to bond to the fuel and can be used in the normal manner, effectively turning the water back into fuel.

Water in Diesel fuel attracts microbes and fungus that forms Diesel Bug and is especially harmful to engines. Regular use of Aquasolve™ eliminates Diesel Bug permanently.

In tests we have proven that Aquasolve™ can improve engine performance by 9.4%, reduce emissions by up to 70% and improves fuel consumption by up to 10% depending on the application of the engine. Aquasolve™ tests include, FAME, Karl Fischer Coulometric Titration Method (IP386MOD) and Dean and Stark water by distillation method (ASTM D95) all providing conclusive data proving that fuel is free from water contamination once Aquasolve™ is added.

For more information check our technical page for any qualified data, watch our videos or complete our quick contact form for one of our representatives to contact you and arrange a short demonstration so you can see Aquasolve™ working for yourself.


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