Need Diesel Bug Treatment for Fuel Bug Contamination?

Need Diesel Bug Treatment for Fuel Bug Contamination?

We all know that fuel bug contamination is a big problem; though it is common and can be treated relatively easily if caught early on. As they say though, prevention is better than cure and the most effective way to prevent fuel bug contamination is to take good care of your engine and fuel tank; clean and drain it regularly, use good quality fuel and take reasonable care to ensure water doesn’t get into your fuel tank.

What is Fuel Bug Contamination?

fuel bug contaminationFuel bug contamination occurs when water, no matter how small of an amount, gets into the fuel tank. Bacteria are everywhere and this is unavoidable – and when present in fuel in poses no threat. When water is thrown into the mix though, it provides the one thing that the perfect breeding environment of a fuel tank lacks: oxygen.

The diesel bug uses the oxygen present in the water (think that a drop of water is like a swimming pool to a tiny microbe) to respire and the energy in the fuel to grow – rapidly. The result? Reduced quality fuel, added strain on the engine and the risk of blockages in the engine components such as injectors. If left untreated, fuel bug contamination can lead to serious problems such as engine failure – which are not only costly to repair but can be dangerous too.

So How Does Diesel Bug Contamination Occur?

Bacteria are present everywhere – that’s unavoidable. But they only pose a problem where fuel is concerned when it is contaminated with water, as it provides them with the oxygen they need to breathe. So how does water contamination occur in fuel?

Poor maintenance of the fuel tank, the weather and low quality fuel can all contribute to the accumulation of water in the fuel tank. So make sure your fuel cap fits tightly and securely, only fill up at reputable garages and – well, there’s not too much you can do about the weather!

I Need Diesel Bug Treatment

So if you do have a problem with diesel bug contamination, don’t worry – Coval Aquasolve s here to help! A unique diesel bug treatment unlike anything else, Aquasolve works at a molecular level to break down the bonds between water and fuel. This then allows the two liquids to bond together, forming a stable solution that is actually more efficient than fuel because it helps to clean your engine while it’s running through.

Suitable for use in petrol, diesel, ethanol, agricultural and aviation fuels, Aquasolve really is a one-of-a-kind diesel bug treatment that completely removes water in fuel – therefore removing all the issues that are associated with it. Available from our website for just £25 per litre – which treats 1,000 litres of fuel! – you really can’t get better than that. Simply click the ‘Buy Now’ button on the right to resolve all your water in fuel problems!



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