Water in fuel causes problems, especially with Marine Diesel as it will rapidly wear and oxidize steel components. Because of the environment water is prevalent in Marine fuel not only through the natural process of attracting water while being transferred and transported but also through condensation and water ingress. Aquasolve™ is the only treatment that dissolves any water in fuel tanks including sea water and bonds it to the fuel to be burned in the normal manner resulting in enhanced engine performance, less emissions and a reduction in fuel consumption.


  • Cures and prevents Diesel Bug (bacterial growth)
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Enhances fuel performance and fuel savings
  • Reduces harmful emissions with greater fuel efficiency
  • Prevents rusting and corrosion of components

Water in fuel will lead to the formation of Bacteria and Fungus to grow, known as Diesel Bug. It is a major problem in fuel tanks and systems. It is caused by water attracting Micro Bugs that will thrive on the water surface and live off the bio matter in the fuel. Before Aquasolve™ this would have to be treated by nasty biocides that add to the harmful emissions when being burned through. Aquasolve™ is a Bio Static and does not contain Biocides and permanently dissolves water in fuel so there is nowhere for the micro bugs to exist.

Aquasolve™ has already been called the ‘Ultimate Diesel Fuel Treatment’ and is considered by our many customers to be an essential part of any marine vessel’s inventory.

Aquasolve™ is the only diesel fuel treatment that dissolves water in diesel fuel permanently. Once mixed with the diesel fuel in your tank, Aquasolve™ continues working to prevent any further water contamination including accidental or storm ingress in your diesel fuel. Unlike other treatments that separate the water that has to be drained off and disposed of as contaminated water, Aquasolve™ dissolves the water and renders it as usable fuel, much to the delight of the Country’s Waterway Managers and Ecologists. Aquasolve™ is the only diesel fuel treatment that does this. We don’t get rid of water in Diesel Fuel; we use it!


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