Avoid Winter Diesel Bugs with Aquasolve

Avoid Winter Diesel Bugs with Aquasolve

With winter drawing ever closer, now is a time of optimum importance to ensure your fuel tank(s) are being carefully maintained. In what can be a particularly troublesome time of year for owners of multiple vehicles, follow these steps to avoid water and diesel bugs contaminating your tanks in the colder months.

Look for water in fuel symptoms

water in fuel causes diesel bug

There are several ways to detect whether your vehicle’s fuel tank has been compromised by excessive levels of water, and the key is to act fast when noticing any of these tell-tale signs. Firstly, poorer than usual fuel economy should raise suspicions of exaggerated water levels, as should regular engine stalls. Perhaps the most obvious clue will stem from the engine’s inability to start however, often a direct result of hydrolocking, a term used to describe an engine that is unwittingly housing water within its combustion chamber.

Prepare to combat regular causes

You should make sure you use a trusted gas station when filling up your tank, to avoid the possibility that their fuel supply is polluted with excess water. And quite simply, check for leaks. Leaking diesel vehicles will be most vulnerable, and, particularly in winter, incredibly susceptible to water finding its way into their system, especially if you were to drive through a deep body of water, for example. To combat the most prevalent cause of water fuel contamination, though, only one real solution exists. It is impossible to prevent condensation leading to a manifestation of water in your fuel tank in the cold winter months, and there is the potential for this to transform into ice also. Such circumstances would not only reduce your fuel efficiency in the short term, but also boost the likelihood that your parts will require extra maintenance or even replacement in future.

Aquasolve prevents water contamination

Aquasolve prevents water in diesel fuelAs a specially designed diesel fuel remedy, Aquasolve has the answer. Our product not only breaks down the water within the tank, but attaches it to the actual fuel also, maximising your engine performance whilst ridding the reservoir of excess water. As such, your vehicle(s) will run at a much greater level of efficiency, reducing fuel, maintenance and repair costs in turn.

Contact Aquasolve

For further information on Aquasolve, and how we can help increase the efficiency and lower the running costs of your vehicles, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01920 898222 or fill out a contact form on our contact us page. Our dedicated team of expert advisors will be happy to help.

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