Don’t Let Excess Water Contamination Ruin Your Christmas Cheer

Don’t Let Excess Water Contamination Ruin Your Christmas Cheer

diesel fuel water contaminationIn the midst of the festive season, it can be easy to forget about the maintenance of your vehicle, or vehicles’ fuel tanks. But in actual fact, there are seldom few times throughout the course of a year when attention to your vehicle’s mechanics is of more paramount importance. As such, let this article serve as a reminder to keep an eye on your fuel tank(s) over Christmas, and provide useful tips on how to prevent water in fuel, and diesel bug contamination. 

Search For Water in Fuel Clues

Several methods for the detection of excessive water levels in your fuel tank exist, and it is of the utmost importance to react quickly when picking up on these warning signs. A noticeable decrease in your vehicle’s fuel economy could point to inordinate water levels, as could frequent stalling of your engine. Somewhat more obviously, the engine’s failure to start can set alarm bells ringing, this procedure often initiated by hydrolocking; a term descriptive of an engine unintentionally storing water within its combustion chamber.

Battle Against Frequent Causes

As simple advice as it may be, it is surprising how many people merely forget to check for leaks. The presence of a leak makes it incredibly easy for water to enter your vehicle or vehicles’ system, particularly during the cold winter months, with diesel conveyance the most harshly affected. Using a regularly visited, trusted petrol station is another simple but effective preventative measure to take meanwhile, allowing you the peace of mind that their fuel supply is not contaminated by excess water. However, there is unfortunately little that can be done to battle against condensation, and over Christmas, this natural phenomenon has the capacity to transform into ice within your system too. Thankfully, Aquasolve offers a solution.

Trust Aquasolve to Combat Water Contamination

Aquasolve prevents water in diesel fuelAs aforementioned, there are few, if any, plausible steps towards the prevention of condensation leading to water contamination within your fuel tank. But through the use of Aquasolve’s specially designed diesel fuel remedy, you gain the opportunity to turn a major negative into a massive positive. Breaking down the water within the tank, our product actually attaches itself to the fuel, enhancing your engine performance whilst eliminating excess water from the system. The result is a vehicle, or vehicles, that run at a much improved level of efficiency, at a much reduced cost.

Contact Aquasolve

For further information regarding Aquasolve, and how our products can aid the performance of your vehicle(s), please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us direct on 01920 898222, or leave your details on our contact us page.

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