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Aquasolve™ is the non biocide fuel treatment system which removes water in fuel and is proven to improve engine performance, reduce emissions and reduce fuel consumption.

Researched and developed for over 12 years

Aquasolve™ achieves what no other product can

The heart of Coval Aquasolve's research philosophy has always ensured that whatever the benefits of the Aquasolve™ technology, its use must never be detrimental to any part of an engine.

"Initially Green Frog Power Ltd purchased Aquasolve to eliminate any water contamination in our bulk diesel storage tanks, we have over thirty of these tanks on twelve individual sites. This proved to be invaluable to us as a company in maintaining our fuel to an optimum standard as a standby power provider to National Grid. As an added bonus to this, we are currently testing the Aquasolve product on our 580 strong fleet of diesel engines, the purpose of this is to see what improvements are made in terms of efficiency and performance with Aquasolve in the fuel mixture."
"We look forward to a long and productive future working with Coval Aquasolve Ltd and the benefits that using the Aquasolve product bring to our company".

Paul Lawson, Operations Manager - Green Frog Power Ltd

From the moment fuel leaves a refinery it is contaminated with water. This contamination increases throughout the delivery process giving multiple ‘end user’ issues.Water in the fuel tank will inhibit engine performance and cause it to run as if being starved of fuel. It will also rapidly wear and oxidize engine components resulting in injection damage and seizure.

The Benefits of using Aquasolve™
  • Water is permanently dissolved in Carbon, Bio and Aviation fuels
  • Fuel quality is improved reducing consumption by up to 10%
  • Reduces harmful emissions by up to 70%
  • Aquasolve™ becomes a natural anti-freeze when mixed with fuel, reducing the freezing temperature to -20°C
  • Reduced risk of freezing fuel and fuel lines in aviation fuel when applying Aquasolve™, which then has a freeze curve of -59°C
  • Diesel Bug (bacterial fungus) is cured and then prevented
  • Prevents rusting and corrosion of components
  • Overall engine performance is enhanced, cleansing filters and injectors
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Stabilizes Bio and Ethanol fuels
  • Stabilizes AdBlue mis-fueling

Aquasolve™ is the trade name for the patented technology of Coval Aquasolve Limited, securing its 'prior art' and 'know how' position, with further intellectual property development under 'trade secrecy'.


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